Putin declares martial law in occupied areas of Ukraine

Putin declares martial law in occupied areas of Ukraine
Yayınlama: 19.10.2022

“I have signed a decree on the introduction of martial law in these four provinces of Russia. It will immediately be sent to the Federation Council for approval. The State Duma has been notified of this decision,” Putin said during a Security Council meeting.

Putin noted that heads of regions would be given additional powers to tighten their control over public transport and critical infrastructure facilities, as well as to ban people from leaving.

According to the decree, Russian troops will be able to relocate or deport the residents of the occupied territories.

In late September 2022, Russian-installed officials in Ukraine staged referendums on the annexation of occupied territories of Ukraine by Russia.

They were widely described as sham referendums by commentators and denounced by various countries.

Currently, the validity of the results of the referendums has only been accepted by North Korea and no other sovereign state. (ILKHA)

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